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UFO High Bay Production



There are some of our Professional people to produce High Quality UFO LED High Bays skillful. This order nearly about 1000pcs 200W  UFO high bays will go to  the Europ market.

Abest is a professional manufacturer of LED Industrial Light in UFO LED High Bay.LED is directional, all the light will be output forward to the target area, with little or no loss of light. 

120W Abest™  UFO LED High Bay light produce 15600lm with less than 3% lumen decay in the 6000 Hours. LED High bay light fixture has 50,000 hours life which is 10-15 times. it is widely application to the warehouse lighting, factory & industrial lighting, garage or parking lot lighting, farms lighting etc. 

80~200W LED UFO High Bays is super brightness more than 130-140lm/w and 5 years warranty.




Why we can offer 5 years warranty ?


1.LED Chips






We use high quality LED chip (130~140lm/w) from Philips 3030 LED.




2.  LED High Bay Light thermal housing effect



The max temperature on thermal housing is only 58.2 °C. This means: single LED chip is not powered too much so the heat produced by the LEDs is little to ensure the life of LED Chips.





The Heat conducted from the LEDs are full transfer heat convection, radiation, and conduction of the thermal housing, to ensure the working temperature as lower as possible for the LED High bay Light fixture.


3.High Quality MEANWELL Driver



Stable performance, long lifespan, 5-year warranty



4. Serving


LEAD Time : For small orders( quantity below 100pcs), can be delivered within 3-5 working days.  

Warranty: we supply 5 years' full warranty for our products.   

Dialux User: we can supply Dialux lighting design for your property.