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Light improves the vital functions of our body and exerts a positive effect on mind. It contributes in creating the conditions of well-being that should be guaranteed in living and working environments.


How to choose the Right LED Lights for your projects?

Very easy! You just only provide us the area size, the lights to-be-installed position and your target Lumen for the project, then our skilled engineers can make the best solution for your lighting projects by DIALUX software for free.


ABEST can offer you the below:
    - consult the photometric characteristics of the luminaire in view of a suitable application.
    - work out and accurately calculate the minimum surface light density, luminance and uniformity on horizontal planes.
    - visualize the results of the lighting simulations as 3D point images, isolux graphs or colored mosaics. In addition, 2D and 3D views of the room are available to better verify the type of installation and the results that can be obtained.


Here is a screenshots of lighting solution in Dialux that is successful project case from our customers which our company provided the perfect solution.



Tennis Court or Gymnasium with LED lighting Solution
Abest A2102 Series LED Linear High Bay Light