A2802 2.4GHz CCT Dimming LED Panel light 130 Lm/W


 ☑ 2.4G wireless technology

 ☑ Easily wiring and operating

 ☑ Stepless and Segmented dimming

 ☑ High Quality 2835 ,Ra>80, 130lm/w

 ☑ Constant current driver

 ☑ High Quality CE driver, PF>0.9, THD<12,No flick          

wifi-2.png  LED CCT Dimming Panel


2700-6500K CCT Tunable

Illuminating your place with 2700-6500K CCT tunable

 panel,a new lighting experience


Soft and Uniform Light Output

Epistar chips and Mitsubishi PMMA LGP for better 

light output          

Base on 2.4GHz

Control the CCT panel by 2.4G wireless controller, 

no wiring trouble

Single and All Panel Control

Dimming single and all panel you want

1-99 Panel Group Control

User-defined panel group(s), meeting different

 lighting demands in a specific area

Save Scenes

Save the scenes you like, press 2.png and 3.png to recall 

the scene

Support Light Sensor

Maintain constant illuminance emblence with light

 sensor (WES-GSC)

Cyclical Mode

Enter this function to experience the CCT changing 



Why Choose Abest LIGHTING CCT Dimming LED Panel Light? 


With ABEST CCT Dimming LED Panel Lights, the end-user enjoys the CCT tunable lighting

 experience, which can simulate the processus of natural daylight: 


CCT LED Dimming panel lights function description.jpginstall.jpg


2.4GHz led dimming panel light datasheet1.png